Does a Health and Safety Representative require training to perform their role?

It is not compulsory for Health and Safety Representative to be trained however they should be encouraged to take up their training entitlement to provide them with the skills and knowledge to perform their role effectively.

HSRs can issue Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) and direct work to cease only if they have been trained. Untrained HSRs can perform all other functions.

What training are Health and Safety Representatives entitled to?

A Health and Safety Representative (HSR) is entitled to attend an initial course of training of five days and have a one day’s refresher training each year, with the first refresher training commencing 1 year after the initial training.

The training course in work health and safety must be:

  • approved by the jurisdiction’s work health and safety regulator
  • chosen by the HSR in consultation with the person conducting a business or undertaking.


The Health and Safety Representative has made a request for training do I have to approve it?

Yes. Section 72 of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act and Regulation 21 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations provide that if a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) or deputy HSR has made a request, the person conducting the business or undertaking must allow them to attend a training course in work health and safety.

Is there an approved Health and Safety Representative training course?

Safe Work Australia has facilitated the development of a national Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training provider package with representatives from states, territories and the Commonwealth.

The HSR training provider package incorporates the training requirements for HSRs under the model work health and safety laws.

DRA Safety is an approved RTO to deliver this training.

Where can I get more information on Health and Safety Representatives?

For more information on the training of Health and Safety Representatives please contact us

  • Phone: (07) 5573 6199
  • Email:

Does the Fire Safety Adviser have to be a person on staff?

There is no requirement for the FSA to be a person on staff.  However, it is recommended that where practical the FSA is an existing staff member. 

Some reasons for this recommendation are:

  • The occupier and staff have an easily accessible point of contact about fire safety matters
  • The FSA is likely to have familiarity with the occupier’s buildings and knowledge of protocols and fire safety arrangements internal to the organisation
  • The FSA is more easily accessible for coordination of fire safety arrangements
  • The FSA may easily be made aware of changes within the building or staff appointments or changes within the organisation
  • Attending fire officers and licensed contractors engaged to maintain the fire safety installations for the organisation have a point of contact
  • The FSA may, on behalf of the occupier, liaise with other FSAs in a multi-tenanted building to ensure that evacuation plans and procedures are coordinated

Occupancies with Workplace Health and Safety Sdvisers may choose to nominate and train those persons as the FSA.

How many Fire Safety Advisers should the occupier appoint?

An FSA can be appointed for more than one building.

For example, a university may have one or more FSAs to cover its campus, or a company which has suites of offices in one or more buildings in any city or town may appoint one or more FSAs to cover those buildings.

When considering how many FSAs to appoint for high occupancy buildings, assessment should be made of the workload of the FSA to be effective in this important workplace role.

If I have a Fire Safety Adviser do I still need Building Fire Wardens?

An FSA is someone who has been trained in fire safety and workplace emergency response.

Having an FSA does not mean that building fire wardens are no longer required.  An FSA is not necessarily building-specific and so may not be present in the building if a fire occurs.  However, Building Fire Wardens are building-specific.

Where can I go for more information on Fire Safety Advisers?

If you require further information regarding Fire Safety Advisers please contact us

Phone: (07) 5573 6199


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