A simple cloud based Safety Management System (SMS) solution that all staff can use with ease. With online forms and documentation, your SMS is now mobile and user friendly. Incidents can be recorded at the scene on a handheld device and be configured to notify key staff immediately it is submitted. Staff can be notified by email when actions are due, and you can be notified if they don't complete it. This is a complete safety solution developed and maintained by registered Safety Professionals.

AND it has now become even more valuable…..

We have now added Take 5 training with key safety topics supported by MrYScribe Video. Staff can now complete training online. Your annual fire training can now be scheduled  to be completed by each staff member automatically, leaving you to free to operate your business.

Safety Direct ™ is powered by ERMonline and has been designed for three different industry sectors because one product does not fit all. Check out our web page for your industry group and request a free trial.

If you are interested in any of our training packages please download the application form as an expression of interest.


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safety direct

This product is membership based and provides a vehicle to share documents in order to achieve best practice in terms of safety thus reducing injuries.

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