DRA Safety Specialists are Exemplar Global registered Lead auditors. We are also licenced to perform Self Insurance Audits

We believe that the purpose of safety auditing is not to find out “who is doing what” incorrectly so they can be punished, but rather to identify work procedures that could be changed to assist in creating a healthier and safer work environment for all employees and the public.

We always ensure that the audit not only provides you with a practical plan forward, but those who participate will enjoy the learning experience. Who says audits can't be fun!

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Types of Audits

The types of audits which can be conducted by DRA Safety Specialists are as follows:

  • Self Insurance Audits for QLD Self Insurers
  • Pre-Qualification Audits- Construction (PQC)
  • Management Sytem Audits using the National Audit Tool, TriSafe or AS/NZS 4801
  • Specialist audits for Confined Spaces, Work at Heights, Hazardous Chemicals and other workplace hazards.

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